The July 13, 2017  meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President, Chris Buchanan.  The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved.

Old business included a report by Mary Czaja on the gardens.  Signs have been printed and a brochure is being compiled by Joanne Wilkinson for a self guided tour of the grounds.  It will tell a little bit about the history of the gardens and the plants that are included in each.  The 2017 Master Gardener class toured the gardens on July 13.

A thank you note is being sent out to Pat Schmidt for the work that he did on the steeple.  He put a new louvre, built the steps and railing for the entrance and fixed an area in the back that was broken when it was moved to the site.  The building will finally be finished this summer.

Rubert Schiller’s old woolen baseball uniform was donated to the museum by his daughter, Deb.  It is from the mid to late 40’s.  He played in the Wood County baseball league.  A display will be developed featuring it and other baseball memorabilia.

The museum will be open on Sunday, July 30.  Mary Zdun and Sharon Christensen will be the docents.

Under new business: There was a discussion about a plant sale at the museum during the September all-city garage sale on September 9 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m..  Many plants in the gardens need to be divided and will ask members of the community for donations.  The leftovers will be taken to the Master Gardener’s plant sale at Maple Fall Fest in Marshfield on the following  weekend.

Motion to adjourn.

The June 8, 2017 meeting of the Pittsville Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan.  The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved.

TLD Lettering completed the lettering that we are planning to use to identify the buildings and memorials that are on the grounds.

Thank you to the volunteers that stepped up to help with the Scranton School Days: Jim Holland, Harriet Broom, Marge Hinrichsen, Elaine Brunner, Kathy Skon and Pat Coulthard.  We could not put on the program without the extra help from these people.

The renovation work on the steeple will resume this summer.  The garden in front of the building has been created as a Memorial Garden to Mary Garrels.  The cedar shakes on the steeple, school and PowWow booth will be sprayed by Miller Roofing Services.  These buildings need some extra upkeep this summer.  If anyone in the community would like to help with any of these projects, contact Chris Buchanan or any member of the Historical Society.  We will be happy to put you to work.

We will participate in the parade on July 4th.  There was discussion on how best to depict this year’s these “Honoring Those Who Served”.

The May 11, 2017 meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by Chris Buchanan.  The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved.

Outdoor signage was discussed under old business.  The memorial signs will be completed this summer.  The Pittsville Forefathers sign in the front of the museum will be put up as soon as all of the materials are ready.

Six of the 10 books in the Stories of Our Lives series are completed.  Book 7 will include the stories of Evelyn Horn, Lois Potts and Alma and Del Lambert.  Books 8 – 10  have been planned out and are in various stages of development.

We would like to thank everyone who attended our spaghetti dinner at Pinecrest Supper Club on April 23.  There was discussion about holding it earlier in the year in the future.

The docent schedule for the summer months was set up under new business.  The museum is open from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.

on the last Sunday of the month from May through September.

The steeple is scheduled to be completed this summer.  We will need to have a carpenter do some of the work that needs to be done.  Contact Chris Buchanan or Mary Czaja if you would be interested in helping with this project.

There are seven school groups coming to Scranton School this May.  Children from Pittsville, Wisconsin Rapids and Nekoosa will have the experience of attending a one-room school for a day.  They dress in period clothing, put up the flag and spend the rest of the day as a child would have in the 30’s or 40’s.

The museum will be closed Thursday, May 15.



Pittsville Area Historical Society annual and monthly meetings were held April 13, 2017 at the museum.

Annual Meeting:  A slate of officers was presented and unanimously approved.   President – Chris Buchanan,  Vice President – Gloria Dibble,  Secretary – Mary Czaja,   Treasurer – Marlene Neve, and Exhibit Coordinator – Jan Patrick.

Christ approved the following committee chairs:   Historian – Pat Lippert,  Membership  – Mary Zdun,  Consultant – Chuck Soper,  Gardners – Mary Czaja and Joanne Wilkinson.

The Pittsville Record will be the designated newspaper.  Associated Bank will be the designated depository.

Monthly Meeting:  Seven classes are now scheduled for this spring at Scranton School.   Letters will be sent to people who volunteered to help in previous years  requesting help again this year.  As in the past, a structured full-group class will meet in the morning.  Three afternoon breakouts will feature Palmer method handwriting, math  the abacus and reading by lamplight.  Workbooks will be assembled next Thursday.

A 2017 budget was developed.  Memberships continue to provide financial support for maintenance expenditures.

A spaghetti dinner will be served at Pinecrest on Sunday, April 13 from 10:30 to 2:00 p.m.  Proceeds from the dinner will be used to finance display work.  The steeple was stripped, painted, shingled and a replica of the original cross installed.  It still  needs louvers built for one opening, a more solid floor and safer steps built.  A church pew for inside the steeple donated by Mary Garrels needs refinishing.  Proceeds will also be used for better grounds signage.

The meeting was short but productive. The next monthly meeting will be Thursday, May 11, 2017.


The November 10, 2016 meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President, Chris Buchanan.  The secretary & treasurer reports were presented & approved.

Old business included a discussion about signage on the buildings  & memorial gardens on the grounds.  The metal sign idea is not going to work out so we are looking into vinyl lettering for the project.   This will be worked on during the winter.

Our old computer crashed.  Jan Patrick is looking into purchasing a new one for the museum. It was determined that a desktop will work best for our purposes.  Bruce Naugle has offered to help with setup after the new one has been purchased.

Book 5 in the Stories of our Lives series is at the printers.  It contains the life stories of Jack Frost, Joyce Trachte & Fred Trachte.

New business included a discussion about the Christmas in the Center celebration which will be held on December 10.  We will help the children make Christmas ornaments again this year.  We will be at the high school from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The museum Christmas decorations will be put up during the first week in December.

Chris Buchanan reported on the various Veterans Day celebrations that will be held in the area on Friday, November 11.

This is our final monthly meeting until April.  The museum will be closed during the winter.

Motion to adjourn.

The September 8, 2016 meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President, Chris Buchanan.  The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved.

The museum will be open Sunday, September 25 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Mary Czaja and Joanne Wilkinson will be the docents for the day.  The museum was open for two class reunions this summer.  It gives the classmates a chance to learn about their hometown history and reminisce about the past.

An open house and reception is being planned for our business members for the evening of September 22.  This is an opportunity for us to showcase the exhibits and show how important their support is to the organization.

Books 5 and 6 of the Stories of Our Lives series are being worked on.  Many of the stories just need a little extra work to be ready for print.  The 2017 calendar is also just about ready to go to the printers.  Sharon Christensen, Jan Patrick and others have spent countless hours on the computer to bring history of life in our community.

The summer has been spent maintaining the facilities and crossing items off the To Do List.  Our buildings require a lot of maintenance.  We try to do most of the work ourselves to save on the cost of labor.

The Stevens Point Christian School will spend the day at Scranton School on September 22.  The teacher heard about the program from a Nekoosa teacher who brings her class every year.  This is a good opportunity for the students to learn about education in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

The August 11, 2016 meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President, Chris Buchanan.  The secretary & treasurer reports were read & approved.

Work is progressing on the 2017 calendar.  The cover picture was taken.  Allan Buchanan brought over his 1914 Model T touring car.  The “Old Ladies” dressed in their Sunday best to pose for the photo.  The theme for the calendar is transportation from the past decades.

Joanne Wilkinson & Mary Czaja have been working on the memorial garden for Mary Garrels.  It is a work in progress.  The goal is to have the basics completed this fall.

The wedding exhibit is being remodeled.  The museum has received many wedding photos so new shelving has been added to the area to display them.  A new mannequin will be included in the exhibit.

The members discussed the need for more volunteers at the museum.  There are many jobs to do each time we meet.  Some members have an interest in the exhibit area, some like to work outside & some help to cleanup & accession new donations.  If you are interested in joining the group, stop in any Thursday to see what we are doing.

There is a continuing water problem on the northwest side of the building.  Ideas to fix the problem were discussed.  The window wells will be covered, new caulking will be added & a rain barrel will be purchased for the downspout.  The cement overlay will need to be fixed.

Motion to adjourn.

The July 14, 2016 meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President, Chris Buchanan.  The secretary & treasurer reports were presented & approved.

Our Fourth of July float received a second place in the organization category.  It was designed to remind people to be proud to vote in the upcoming election.

The museum is opened on the last Sunday of the month from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Docents for the summer months were set up.

Sharon Christensen has been working on the 2017 calendar.  The theme is transportation through the ages.  The daily news items will be from the 1970’s.

Mary Czaja & Joanne Wilkinson are starting to work on the Mary Garrel’s Memorial Garden.  It will be located by the church steeple & will include a large angel.  Hostas will also be planted around the steeple to conceal the foundation.

Future Stories Of Our Lives books are in the process of being written.  Many of your friends & neighbors have very interesting stories to tell.  Other ideas for stories about early cranberry grower families & families that were involved in mossing were discussed.

Motion to adjourn.


The June 9,  2016  meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by president, Chris Buchanan.  The secretary & treasurer reports were read & approved.

Many projects to be completed were discussed.  Chris Buchanan finished caulking around the posts on the ramp & cracks in the concrete work.  The foundation work on the northwest side of the museum is tabled for now as the contractor has not shown up.  He will be contacted again.  The work must be finished before winter.  The design for the Fred Lippert Memorial metal piece is at Adrian Custom Cuts.  It still needs some editing before it is completed.

Under new business: The museum will be open 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. May to September.  The docent schedule was set  up.

Plans were finalized for the July 4th float.  This year’s theme is “Proud to be an American”.  We will show our patriotic colors.

The 2017 calendar was discussed.  The monthly theme will be transportation through the years.  The dates will have news items & memorabilia from the late 1960’s -1970’s.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the city council members for touring the museum on May 17.  They got an update on current projects & buildings.  If you are interested in the museum, the building are open Thursdays from 9:00 a.m.. to 3:00 p.m.  Docents will be available to answer your questions.  The museum grounds are available at anytime for your enjoyment.  The gardens are in full bloom right now.

Sharon Christensen is working to update the website.  The address is (pittsvilleareahistoricalsociety.org).  The site is a good way to find out when the buildings are open, to view the displays & to see the Scranton School Classes.