Church Steeple

A Quick History

  • St. Joachim’s church built in 1912.
  • Church was demolished in 1977 but the steeple was salvaged and sold.
  • Steeple was purchased in 1990 by Al & Chris Buchanan.
  • Donated to Pittsville Area Historical Society in 2014.
  • Steeple was restored, steps & entrance built, plus replica of the original cross on top added by local carpenter Steve Redmond in 2015 .
  • Pews inside provided by Veedum Moravian & St. Joachim churches.
  • On display inside the steeple is more information about the history of the church.

You can find more about the history of St. Joachim’s church and school and other area churches in the book Yellow River Pioneers.

Interior of St. Joachim's Church Steeple
Inside St. Joachim’s Church Steeple
Original St. Joachim's Church and Steeple circa 1912
The original St. Joachim’s church and steeple as it looked in the early 1900s.