Classes of 3rd and 4th grade students can participate in a day of learning at Scranton School, a one-room country school experience on PAHS museum grounds.

There is large- and small-group instruction. Time is spent immersed in one-room school activities from the 1940s. Students role-play 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade levels. Period clothing is given to the students to wear, and they assume the identity of a student from that time.

Activities include flag raising, clean hands check, taking the “goiter pill” (sweet tart), identity sharing, art lesson, reading exercise, Palmer-method handwriting, abacus math, reading by lamplight, end-of-day chores, bell ringing, retiring the flag. There is a lunch break with time for an old-fashioned recess, participating in activities of the era. Each student receives a workbook to complete throughout the day and his/her picture.

PAHS provides the teacher and also several helpers for the small groups. However, we request that the visiting school’s teacher(s)/chaperone(s) remain available throughout the day and at each activity to assist with instruction or guidance of students with special needs or behavioral/discipline issues.

A group of up to 30 students can be accommodated at one time. If you would like a group of students to live this historical immersion experience, complete the registration form and contact us.

Download the registration form (.docx)