Buildings & Exhibits

The Pittsville Area Historical Society Museum Complex has 7 unique buildings on our grounds, each one telling a piece of the wonderful story of our past. Click on the links for each building to see displays, exhibits, histories, and other information within…

> Browse our digital collection of Pittsville High School Yearbooks (Ho-Ang-Ho) from 1950-2018. Each yearbook has been scanned into a single .pdf document that you can scroll through. Clicking on the link in the yearbooks photo will take you to a Google Drive archive of yearbooks listed by year.
> In addition to our digital yearbook collection you can also stop by to browse our hardcopy collection in the basement of the main museum where we have original copies of PHS Yearbooks from 1928-2022. Plus Jr. Panthers yearbooks from 1968-79 & Elementary School Yearbooks from 1994, 1996-99, 2001 & 2004 are also displayed.