The September 9 (2021) meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by Marlene Neve. The Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Under Old Business: Mary Czaja reported that the garden cleanup is finished for the year. The grounds committee will spend the rest of the fall painting areas of the school, steeple and front porch that require work.

Jan Patrick reported that the displays in the farm shed and barn are coming together. The barn has a lot of signage and pictures on the walls explaining how the farm families lived and worked their land. She suggests that we keep the barn as authentic as possible to depict the early 1900’s before artificial insemination. There is a bull display with stories from area farmers telling about their experiences with bulls.

The January 2022 issue of the Heritage Magazine will depict how communities developed. Our portion of the magazine will consist of the origins of Pittsville and the first settlers.

The website “pittsvilleareahistoricalsociety.org” is up and working again. Additional new information and pictures have been added.

Work is progressing upstairs in the museum. The cranberry, logging and housework exhibits have been enlarged and reworked. The museum will be open on Sunday, Sept 26 from 11:00 -3:00 with Chris Buchanan and Gloria Dibble as docents. Stop by to see all the changes that have been made this summer. You will be amazed.

The first order of New Business was that a Thank You letter was sent to Ezra Fiala, our student intern this summer. He did all that was asked of him and more.

The organization received a donation from the Benevity Community Impact fund which allows people to anonymously give money. We are grateful for all the support that we receive from the community.

Motion to adjourn.

The August 12 (2021 meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan.  Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Old Business included a report that the garden beds have been mulched with wood chips donated by Hay Creek Pallet.  The gold color enhances the colors of the flowers.

Jan Patrick and her crew have been hard at work on the exhibits in the farm shed and barn.  New and improved cranberry and lumber exhibits are currently being worked on in the space opened up when much of the farm equipment was moved to the shed.  As with any remodeling project, most of the area upstairs in the museum will be renovated and renewed.  It is exciting to see the progress.  Stop in any Thursday from 9-3 or the last Sunday of the month from 11-3 to check on the progress.

There was a discussion about a Spaghetti Dinner to be held next spring to raise money to fund the various projects.

Book 9 of the Stories of Our Lives series is in the research phase.  Marlene Neve is looking for information about the mossing operation that took place in the City Point area.  If you have pictures or stories to tell, you can contact her or stop in at the museum.

New Business included more planning on the upstairs renovations including the military and clothing display area.

Old buildings require constant repair.  It was noticed that the ramp leading to the main door is cracking.  This will have to be taken care of before winter to lessen further damage.

Docents for August and September were recruited.

Motion to adjourn

The July 8 (2021) meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by Vice President Gloria Dibble.  The Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Old Business included a report from the grounds and garden chairperson.  The gardens are being edged and weeded to prepare them for wood mulch.  The paint on the steeple and school needs to be touched up when the weather is good.

We will present a “Recess in the Past” library hour on July 20.  The children will be able to choose from several activities that the children played in the past.

A&R Plumbing  installed a tankless water heater under the kitchen sink and a new faucet.

Jan Patrick and Randy Fochs reported that they are about half  finished with the Barn and Shed project.  They are working on the displays in the shed.  Jan is working on the signage for the barn to give visitors the most accurate information about farming the the early 1900’s.

Our float took second place in the Organizations category of Fourth of July parade.  The theme of One Nation-One Flag was depicted with a large two sided mural that had an outline of the United States with a US flag super-imposed over it.

The first issue of the Heritage Magazine featuring Native Americans of central Wisconsin will be out the second week of July.  Chris Buchanan wrote about the Indian Pow Wows that were held in Riverside Park.  Complementary issue can be picked up at area businesses.

Under New Business Mary Czaja and Lynn Jankowski will be the docents for Sunday, July 25.  The museum will be open from 11-3.  Stop in to see the progress that is being made on the new displays and visit the gardens.

Motion to adjourn

The June (2021) meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan. Secretary and treasurer reports were presented and approved.

The first item of Old Business was a discussion about the barn and shed progress.  Boy Scout Troop 123 helped move farm related items from the museum into the farm shed May 28.  The scouts involved were Aiden Federwitz, Marcus Mapes, Logan Foemmel, Trace Wilke and Tristin Wilke along with their leaders Jack Wilke, Kari LaSee Wilke and Tanya Mapes. Wilke Construction finished landscaping around the barn and shed. Exhibits will be worked this summer.

Peg Rademan and Mary Czaja met with Ms. Meissner to choose leftover annuals from the high school greenhouse plant in our planters and in the garden bed in front of the new sign.  They will work on existing beds to get them ready to put down mulch later in summer. New grass seed will have to be watered every few days if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

Museum exhibits are being expanded and renovated now that space has opened up.

A brat fry is planned for Friday,  June 18 at the Cenex Station from 9-4.  Proceeds will be used to fund exhibit expenses.

We will have a float in the Fourth of July parade.  A committee has been formed to work on it. The theme is One Flag, One Nation.

New Business included a discussion about the library program to be presented July 20. The theme will be “Recess in the Past”.

The museum will be open from 9-3 each Thursday through October and the last Sunday of the month from 11-3.  Stop in to see what is happening with the new buildings and changes in older ones. If anyone has additional time to devote to your community, we will find a place to utilize your talents.

The May 13 (2021) meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan. Secretary and treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Old business included a report from the Grounds Committee. The new sign is in place and mulch has been spread under it. Garden beds on the property have been cleaned. We will continue to work on the areas around the museum and plant the containers in the near future.

Members have been busy this past month. The museum downstairs is being rejuvenated. Chris Buchanan is arranging a beauty parlor display with items from the Zalabsky beauty business. The backroom was cleaned. Members of the local boy scout troop helped remove and stack lumber that was stored in the farm shed to get the building ready to house new farm exhibits.

A brat fry fundraiser has been scheduled for June 18 at the Cenex Station. A plant sale was conducted last Saturday by the Grounds Committee to fund landscaping projects.

Jan Patrick and Chris Buchanan have been working on an article about the Indian Pow Wows that were held at the park. It will be included in the new Heritage Magazine coming out soon.

The museum is now open for the season. It will be open from 9-3 Thursdays with no break for the noon hour. We will also be open from 11- 3 the last Sunday of each month.

New business included a discussion about future fundraisers. Should we hold a spaghetti dinner?  Where and when would it be held?

There was discussion about placement of new exhibits and how to remodel upstairs when farm objects are removed.

We will have a float in the July 4th parade.  A committee has been organized to develop ideas to best depict the theme:  1Flag-1Nation.

Motion to adjourn.

The April (2021) meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan. Annual Meeting was concluded.  Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Old Business included a report by Jan Patrick on a visit to the Sandy & Larry Reigel farm on Polish Road. Sandy showed us her barn and milking setup. She has a number of Guernsey cows. They are a smaller and more gentle breed. Their milk produces more butterfat and is more digestible than Holstein’s milk. We were interested in that breed as the farms of the early 1900s had Guernsey milking cows.

April 15 has been set aside as spring cleaning day. The main project will be cleaning out the back room storage area. Many of the items will be moved to the upper level of the barn which will be used as a work room. The museum will be thoroughly cleaned as outside farm exhibits are moved and set up in the farm shed.

Many donations have come in over the winter. They are being accessioned and displayed.  Chris is setting up a new exhibit of Jerry & Arline Zalabsky’s Beauty Parlor.

A brat fry fundraiser has been set for June 18 at the Cenex Station.

New Business included items on the “To Do” list. A new doorknob for the back door has been purchased and will be installed soon. The sign needs to be set up.  PAHS will purchase materials and it will be installed as weather permits.

Marlene Neve contacted the insurance company for confirmation about building coverage. It was decided that we have adequate coverage.

There was discussion about changing Thursday hours to include coverage over the noon hour. This will have to be presented again next month as the current hours are included in the bylaws.

Jan Patrick reported on the Heritage Magazine project. A magazine will be published two times a year specializing in Central Wisconsin history. The first issue will come out in July of this year focusing on Native Americans. Our article will be on the PowWows that were held in Pittsville. The magazine will be free and available in area businesses.

Chris reported that the July Fourth parade will be held this year. The theme will be 1Flag–1 Nation.

There was discussion about holding an open house  this fall after the barn project is completed.

Motion to adjourn.

The March 11 (2021) meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan.  The Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Old Business included a report by Chris Buchanan.  Arline Zalabsky’s house has been sold.  The building housed Jerry’s Barber Shop and Arline’s Beauty Salon.  Many items from the businesses were donated by the family and brought to the museum..  She is in the process of making a display downstairs which will include Jerry’s barber chair and many items from the beauty shop.

Spring planning is underway for the Barn Project.  The barn will be painted in the spring when weather permits.  Landscaping will be done to make the buildings handicapped accessible.

Jan Patrick and Sharon Christensen worked up a plan for the exhibits in the shed.  Members are anxious to start moving the tool shed and other farm related items from the museum to the new buildings.  The military area will be enlarged and other exhibits will be moved to take advantage of the added space upstairs.

The new outdoor sign is ready to be erected soon.  It was constructed by the High School Industrial Arts class.  It reads PITTSVILLE AREA MUSEUM COMPLEX.  Randy Foch created a new bed to hold it last fall.  The rest of the area will be landscaped this summer.

New Business:  The membership letter will be mailed out within the week.  We are always looking for new members to help with our many projects.  Contact Chris Buchanan or any other member for more information.  The Annual Meeting will be held on April 8 at 1:00 downstairs at the museum.  The regular monthly meeting will follow.   Please stop in to listen to see if you would be interested in helping with the many tasks.  Some members are more interested in researching the history of the area and others spend their days outside in the gardens.  There is always something interesting to do.  You will learn a lot about your hometown or adopted area.

We are sorry to say that A Day at Scranton School has been cancelled for the year due to the covid  crisis.  There is not enough room in the school for proper distancing.

The library has approached the museum to see if a history of the library can be worked up.  Chris and Marlene will work on this project.

The museum also gets contacted by family members seeking information about their ancestors. Chris, Jan Patrick and Mary Czaja worked on a picture file over the winter to make it easier to find items when needed.

The 2020 audit was conducted by Lynn  Jankowski and Mary Zdun.  The Annual Financial Report will be sent with the membership letter and will be discussed at the Annual Meeting on April 8.  The meeting will be at 1:00 at the museum.

Motion to adjourn.