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The Annual Meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan on April 11, 2024 at 1:00. The Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Lynn Jankowski presented the slate of officers for the year. They are as follows: Randy Fochs-President, Chris Nepper-Vice President, Jan Patrick-Treasurer, Mary Czaja-Secretary. Linda Fochs will be the Member at Large on the Board of Directors along with the officers. Chris Buchanan appointed the following Committee Chairs: Historian-Pat Lippert, Membership-Mary Zdun, Building & Grounds-Mary Czaja & Peg Rademan, Audit-Lynn Jankowski & Mary Zdun, Consultant-Chris Nepper, Acquisitions-Jan Patrick & Chris Buchanan, Nominating-Lynn Jankowski & Linda Fochs, Webmaster-Chris Nepper.

Partners Bank of Marshfield is the Designated Depository and The Pittsville Record is the Designated Newspaper for meeting notices and minutes for the organization.

The date for next year’s Annual Meeting is April 10,2025. Motion to adjourn.