The September 14, 2023 meeting of the Pittsville Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan. The Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

The first order of Old business was a report by Chris Buchanan on the tour by the Lions Club on September 6. About 17 Lions spent an hour touring the buildiings and grounds before their dinner meeting. Some had not been here before so it was especially nice to be able to answer their questions about the various exhibits.

Marlene Neve met with 20 students from the ninth grade history class. They viewed the history wall and flip charts in the museum. Many had spent a day at Scranton School when they were in third grade. They revisited the school and went through the other buildings on the grounds. They were expected to give a report on what they observed.

The PowWow Booth and school are getting a new paint job to keep them in good condition. Chris Buchanan is trying to find a contractor to finish painting the school.

Book 9 in the Stories of Our Lives series is nearing completion. Jan Patrick and Marlene Neve have been interviewing people and compiling their stories. This will be a large project to cross off the To Do list.

The volunteers would like to extend a sincere Thank You to Abigail Huber and Liz Knuteson for helping at the museum this summer. Abigail spent her Thursdays helping with various projects. She was always ready and willing to help with any task that was required. Liz mowed the grass as needed this summer.

Jan Patrick reported that she and Sharon Christensen have been working on a binder that will hold pictures of the various exhibits and objects that are in the museum and out buildings. She will add a description to accompany the pictures for insuranace purposes. Many of the objects on display are priceless and this should help if anything happens to the property.

Motion to adjourn.

The August 10, 2023, meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan. The Secretary and Treasurer report were presented and approved.

Old Business included a report by Chris Nepper about the Website. He is in the process of updating it with new information. The address is www.pittsvilleareahistoricalsociety to see what we have been doing to preserve the history of the area.

Chris Buchanan offered Thank yous to Randy Fochs and Chris Nepper for fixing the picnic taables; Chris Nepper for working on the lights upstairs and website; and Sharon Christensen and Jan Patrick for the pictures in the paper.

Everyone is working very hard to get the items on the ToDo list completed. The PowWow Booth is being repainted by Randy Fochs and Mary Czaja. Marlene Neve and Chris Buchanan have completed the City Point history sheets and Sharon Christensen is working on a pattern for the Charter Members Tree that will be put in the steeple. Book 9 of the Stories of Our Lives series is nearing completion and Jan Patrick is checking into putting the High School yearbooks on our Website.

The museum will be open each Thursday from 9-3 until the end of September and on Sunday, August 27 from 11-3. The Lions club will tour the Museum Complex on the evening of September 6. We are happy to open at special times upon request . The officer’s names and phone numbers are on the website.

The July 13, 2023 meeting of the Pittsville Area Historial Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan. The Secretary and treasurer reports were presented and approved.

The first item of old business was a report about the Brat Fry by Chris Buchanan. This sucessful fundraiser will help to fund the many projects that are on the agenda for the year.

Randy Fochs and Chris Nepper have been busy keeping the buildings in good repair. There is always something to fix when dealing with old buildings. The Pow Wow booth is next on the list to be repainted. The windows in the Cutter Shed had a protective coating put on to filter out UV light. We work very hard to keep the grounds and garden beds in good condition. Stop over to visit anytime.

The wedding and womens apparel displays are getting an update in the museum. New LED light bulbs are being purchased for the track lighting in the upstairs. They should be more econonical to use.

Jan Patrick and Sharon Christensen have been working on the “Whats in the Museum Complex?” pictures that have been in the paper. They will continue to take photos of all the items that we have displayed and put them in a binder for insurance purposes. Many of the items are irreplaceable but a pictorial inventory is important.

Motion to adjourn. Our website is

The June meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by Vice President Jan Patrick. The Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Old Business included a report from Marlene Neve about A Day at Scranton School. Rick Winters helped her and Chris Nepper teach the classes this year. Members of Historical Society were assisted by Kathy Bowden, Marilee Greene, Nancy Young and Lori Heuer. Their help is very much appreciated.

Peg Rademan presented the Gardens and Grounds report. Ms. Meisner and her students grow many beautiful annuals for sale each year. She invited the museum garden group to select plants to enhance the containers on the grounds as they were closing the greenhouse for the year. Carol Severund and Mary Czaja helped select and plant the containers. Stop by anytime to enjoy the museum grounds or have your lunch on our picnic tables. The museum is opened from 9-3 on Thursday through October. We are also open on the second and fourth Sundays of June, July and August. The displays are updated frequently. A group is currently revanping the Bridal and Clothing areas. There are five buildings besides the museum to view and someone will be happy to answer any questions.

New Business began with a report about the Brat Fry fundraiser which will be held at the Cenex Station on Saturday, June 17 (correction June 24) from 8:30 -4:00. We will be serving brats, hotdogs and pulled pork sandwiches along with beverages and homemade cookies and bars.

A picture of the Beauty Parlor Display was in the paper last week. Jan Patrick and Sharon Christensen will be taking photos of the various displays in the museum along with a brief discription to be sumitted to the paper Mike has graciously agreed to include them in the paper as he has room.

Motion to adjourn.

The May 11, 2023 meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan. The Secretary and treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Old business included a report by Chris Buchanan on the Native American Artifact Show that was held on April 29 at the Community Hall. She estimated that there were approximately 200 people in attendance. They heard a talk from Jeff Lindow about the Native American settlement that was on Skunk Hill (Powers Bluff). He showed a video of dogs finding the remains of the inhabitants. Their handlers marked the area where the dogs indicated that the remains were. The people were able to view arrowhead collections, baskets, beadwork, pottery and other Native American handiwork from 12 displays. Chris set up the museum display and her own large collection of Indian baskets and memorabilia. Museum members had refreshments available throughout the day. It was a very successful event.

Marlene Neve reported on A Day at Scranton School. Pittsville third graders will attend on May 22 & 25. Nekoosa students will attend on May 30 & June 1 and Grove School students will attend on June 5. The students start the day by changing into period clothes, receive their new identity for the day and have their picture taken. They then raise the flag and spend the morning as students did in the past. After noon recess they split into small groups for cursive writing, using an abacus for math and reading by lamplight.

A representative from the USDA came to inspect the barn and farm shed. They awarded a grant for the project. He toured the museum also and was pleased with the whole complex. He will send the final paperwowrk out soon.

Christ Nepper has been busy fixing the many things that old buildings require. He remodeled the downstairs this past winter, put up motion sensor lights outside this spring and fixed the steps on the east side of the building. We are so thankful for Chris and Randy Fochs for all that they do around the complex.

We are holding a Brat Fry at the Cenex Station on June 24 from 9:00-4:00. We will be selling brats, hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches, chip snack bags, homemade cookies & bars and beverages. Stop in to support your local historical society.

The Ken Sherwood Family sent a very generous donation in his name to support our various projects. We are so very grateful to them and all who have supported us over the years. Local businesses have always said yes when we have asked for donations. Gardners donated the mulch that enhances our flower beds. John and Gale Baum were always ready to donate food items. It is amazing to live in a community of such generous people.

We will be open from 9:00-3:00 on each Thursday until the end of October. We will also be open on the second and fourth Sunday of the month of June, July and August from 11:00-3:00. Stop in to see your area’s history.

Our Website address is

The Pittsville Area Historical Society held their Annual and regular meeting on April 13, 2023. Officers for the year include Chris Buchanan as President, Jan Patrick as Vice President, Mary Czaja as Secretary, Linda Fochs as Treasurer. The board of Directors will consist of the officers and Randy Fochs as the Member at Large. Chris Buchanan appointed the following Commitee Chairs: Building and Grounds-Peg Rademan & Mary Czaja, Audit-Lynn Jankowski & Mary Zdun, Consultant-Chris Nepper, Acquisitions-Jan Patrick & Chris Buchanan, Nominating-Lynn Jankowski & Randy Fochs, Website Maintenance-Chris Nepper, Historian-Pat Lippert and Membership-Mary Zdun.

The April Monthly meeting was called to order by President, Chris Buchanan. The Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

The business membership sign on the east side of the museum is being updated by Jan Patrick. Some businesses will be removed and Paulie’s Diner will be added. We are very grateful for the support that area businesses have provided in the past. Their support is very important to our growth.

Outside maintenance projects were discussed. A dogwood tree will be removed to allow easier access to the east side door which will be use for exit only. Marlene Neve checked into a security light system. It was decided to purchase one solar powered motion light for the barn shed to see how it works.

The Society owes Chris Nepper a big THANK YOU for all the work he provided during the winter months. He kept the sidewalk cleared of snow and did a remodeling project in the downstairs area of the museum. He has other projects planned for the area. It will be easier to work there and looks great.

Chris Buchanan reported that she set up a Brat Fry Fundraiser for June 24 at the Cenex gas station. Mark it on your calendars to help us fund our various projects.

Marlene Neve coordinated the Scranton School Days for this year. The Pittsville Third Grade will be in school on May 22 & 25. Nekoosa schools classes will be attending May 30 and June 1 & 5. We are always looking for help with this project. If you would like a fun, unique experience, contact one of the members to volunteer.

The Website was down for awhile. Chris Nepper reported that it is up and running again. He will install an update to insure it will keep informing the residents of the area of our activities. Jan Patrick will take a picture and small paragraph of the different exhibits offered at the museum to place in the Record. We will be open from 9-3 on Thursdays after May 1. Stop in to see what is new.

The first item of new business was a report from Chris Buchanan about the Indian Artifact Show which will be held in the Community Hall on April 29. Jeff Lindow will give a talk about Skunk Hill (Powers Bluff) at 11:00. Refreshment will be available throughout the day. There will be a Childrens Corner and at least 12 exhibitors with Native American artifacts to brouse through.

The museum will be opened from 11:00-3:00 on the second and fourth Sundays from June through August.

There was a discussion about a proposed Wood County Museum Crawl. There are 6 museums located in the county. It would be good to have information about each site. Where they are located and a list of activities at each.

Visit the Website at Volunteers are always welcome if you are interested in our various projects inside or outside.

PAHS monthly meeting was held March 9, 2023. Meeting was called to order by President Chris Buchanan, 1:00 p.m. at Pittsville Area Museum main building.

Minutes and treasurer’s reports from last monthly meeting were read and approved.

Family and individual membership letters and cards are printed and will be mailed soon.

Chris Nepper completed restructuring of kitchen wall and installing new counter top. Light switches were re-located for kitchen and meeting room. He added an extension to the furnace vent outside to decrease ice build-up under the pipe. He removed snow from the sidwalks all winter.

PAHS received a plaque from City of Pittsville commending the organization for its community work.

Day at Scranton School offerings were discusses. Six days of classes will be offered, maximum of two per week in May and June. Marlene Neve will contact Pittsvillle, Nekoosa and Wisconsin Rapids schools. Volunteers will be needed to best organize each of the days.

Jordan Rayburn’s class will visit the museum Monday morning, March 13. Marlene Neve will open for them.

E-mail address on web site is out-dated. It was decided to eliminate the e-mail address. Phone numbers are listed on the site for all officers.

Chris Nepper updates the site as needed. Sharon Christensen updates meeting minutes and memberships.

Peg Rademan presented a summary of anticipated grounds work for this summer: maintenance of pow-wow booth, school windows need care. Replacement of the stairs on the east side of the museum. Flowers will be from the high school greenhouse near the end of their selling season. Small amount of mulch might be needed. Anti-glare spray should be applied to the cutter shed window.

Marlene Neve presented the idea that PAHS feature one exhibit in the Pittsville Record per week through the summer. Idea is to have a picture of an exhibit accompanied by a short paragraph.

Chris Buchanan will contact Cenex to schedule a brat fry fund raiser for this summer.

Spring cleaning day for the museum will be Thursday, April 20; if weather is cold and rainy, back-up date is Thursday, April 27.

Chris Buchanan has a lead for a tall bookcase for the area between the kitchen doorway and the restroom entry. It will display books for sale.

Jan Patrick will post the donation guidelines on the big bulletin board in kitchen.

Annual meeting will be April 13, 2023, 1:00 p.m. at museum. Monthly meeting will follow.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Jan Patrick, Acting Secretary

The November 10, 2022 meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by Vice President Jan Patrick. The Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

The downstairs area of the museum is being remodeled. Chris Nepper is working on replacing the wall between the kitchen and meeting room. The floor will be refinished when the carpentry work is completed.

We will bring the cutter over to the Green Space for the Christmas in the Center celebration on December 3. It will be decorated to use for family pictures. Father Christmas will also be there.

New scrapbooks have been donated to the museum. Members will use the downtime between now and spring to go through them to index for names, catagories and pages. This makes it easier to look up information. One of the important duties for the members is to answer questions about area families and events.

The museum website is

The October 13, 2022 meeting was called to order by President Chris Buchanan. The Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Old Business included a report by Chris Nepper that fire extinguishers have been placed in each building. The museum and barn have one on each floor.

Work is continuing on the exhibits in the Farm Shed. A rural electrification display is in the works.

Book 9 of the Stories of Our Lives Series will be worked on over the winter and will be ready for sale next year. Marlene Neve is working on the early cranberry marshes and mossing in the area. Jan Patrick is working on the Baum Family story.

New business included winter to do projects. We will put up decorations for Christmas in early November when the community decorates. The Furnace will be checked over and members will continue to monitor the museum during the winter months. Chris Nepper has volunteered to remove snow from the sidewalk.

There will be a construction project in the museum this winter. A wall will be constructed between the kitchen and meeting room. The current doorway will be increased to 40″ and a new countertop will be put in. The floor will be worked on after the construction is completed.

There will be a monthly meeting at 1:00 on November 10. Motion to adjourn.

The September 8, 2022 meeting of the Pittsville Area Historical Society was called to order by President Chris Buchanan. The Secretary and Treasurer reports were presented and approved.

Old Business included a wrapup from the Open House. All bills that were submitted have been paid. It was a very successful event that gave us a chance to show the community what we have accomplished in the past years. We have received so many wonderful antiques from area residents that we needed more room to display them. The barn and farm shed gave us a chance to show farming before automation.

The Garden and Grounds committee will continue with a few projects this fall. The lilac bed needs to be cleaned out. Perennial plants were planted around the cutter shed and paver bricks will be laid by the shed and in front of the PowWow Booth.

The upstairs portion of the museum has been updated throughout the summer. The vintage clothing area is one of the last area to be redone. The members are busy cleaning the area and ironing and mending the clothing that is on display.

We have three new business memberships this year. We are so gratful to all the businesses that support us in many ways throughout the year.

New Business included a discussion about our late fall and winter duties. We keep busy even though we are not open during that time. We receive scrapbooks throughout the year. Names, dates and events are put into the computer to make it easier to look up items for research. The original scrapbooks are retained in the museum.