History of The Model Dairy Barn

Original Barn Prior to Deconstruction
The original 1950s hay barn just prior to deconstruction.

The early 1900s model dairy barn which stands on the Pittsville Area Museum Complex grounds was built in the summer of 2021 in part with lumber salvaged from an original hay barn, pictured here. That barn was built by farmers Raleigh and Rose Frost on County Road V in the Town of Cary in 1959. In 2018 the barn was donated to PAHS by Bob and Sharon Christensen and subsequently carefully dismantled. The salvaged lumber was transported to the museum property where it was used, along with lumber from other sources, to construct both the dairy barn and the farm shed, which stand today as authentic model farm buildings of the era.

Deconstruction of Original Barn
Deconstruction of the original barn begins with the removal of shingles from the roof.
Barn Foundation & Concrete Floor
Pouring of the barn foundation and concrete floor is complete.
Load of Barn Boards Delivered
A load of salvaged lumber from the original barn is delivered to the museum site.
Framing of the 1st Floor
Framing of the 1st floor is nearly complete.
Beams for the 2nd Floor Are Set in Place
Beams from the original hay barn are set in place for the 2nd floor haymow.
Framing of the Roof
Framing of the roof progresses. Although in some cases modern construction techniques and materials were necessary due to today’s building codes and standards, the resulting structure is visually authentic.
Preparing Wall Planks
In the lower barn lumber is prepared and cut for installation. The floor of the haymow overhead is complete.
Installing Planks on the End Wall
Installing planks on the exterior walls progresses.
Fully Enclosed Barn
A fully enclosed barn awaits exterior siding.
Old Barn Board Siding Goes Up
The old barn board siding goes up.
Gable End Nearly Complete
Siding is complete; installation of windows and doors awaits.
Siding Complete
Nearly completed barn is ready for a new coat of red paint.
Exterior of Early 1900s Barn
Construction of the early 1900s dairy barn is complete!

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