What is a cutter?

A cutter is considered a light sleigh, with only one seat, and usually pulled by one horse. A sleigh, on the other hand, would typically have 2 or more seats, and would likely be pulled by a team of horses.

This cutter was owned by Edward and Elaina Christensen, immigrant farmers from Norway. Elaina used it for her wintry transportation from 1902-1921.

This model of a cutter is called a Portland Cutter, and was likely built around the turn of the 19th to the 20th centuries. Such a cutter could have been purchased for under $20 at the time of its construction. They were extremely popular in America and many companies were manufacturing them.

For more information on cutters and sleighs, please visit the Carriage Association of America web page.

Portland Cutter & Blanket
Another image of the Portland Cutter with a vintage horsehair carriage lap blanket draped over the seat.

Portland Cutter

Portland Cutter (One-horse sleigh)