Farm Shed Exhibits

Here are some of the exhibits to see in the farm shed:

Farm Hand Tools exhibit
Farm Hand Tools – From sickle sharpener to rope maker and all the hand tools in-between, farmers were self sufficient. In the shed one could repair equipment, maintain buildings, store fire fighting gear – the tool shed had the supplies one would need on the farm. Empty nail kegs served as seats for visitors. However, not a power tool in sight!
Horse Tack Draft Animal Exhibit
Display of horse tack and other draft animal apparatus.
Rural Electrification exhibit
Rural Electrification – Pittsville was electrified in 1924. Electricity didn’t come to the countryside until after the creation of electric cooperatives after WWII. Examples of electrical insulators & other apparatus used in the delivery of electricity to farms and homes are displayed. Learn more about the history of the electrification of Pittsville in the book Yellow River Pioneers.
Large Feed Mill Pulley
Large Feed Mill Pulley – The large wooden pulley, built by Bernie Tyjeski’s granddad and Lee Schalla, once turned machinery to mill wheat into flour and grain for animal feed. It was used in the old grist mill which was located beside the Yellow river near the intersection of County E and First Avenue in Pittsville. The smaller cast iron pulley on the floor to the right, which was attached to a motor, powered the wide belt that turned the large wooden pulley, which in turn powered the milling apparatus. Learn more about the history of the mill in the book Yellow River Pioneers.
Model Steam Tractors Display
Display of a collection of model steam tractors.
Dairying & Other Farm Industries
Dairying & Other Farm Industries exhibit, including milking, milk testing, cheesemaking, honey production, maple syrup, egg laying and butter making production tools and equipment.
Farm Garden Tools Exhibit
Variety of crop planters, harvesters, cultivators, and other garden hand tools.
Fur Foods exhibit
Fur Foods – This meat grinder from Pittsville Fur Foods was used to process animal parts into food for minks, which was delivered to mink farms throughout the upper Midwest. Mink pelt stretchers hang on the wall to the right. Dr. Gaylord Hartsough, world-renowned mink expert and local resident, was actively involved in the business.
Interior of the Farm Shed from the West Looking East
Overall interior view of the farm shed.

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