History of the Farm Shed

Original Barn Prior to Deconstruction
The original hay barn just prior to deconstruction. Lumber from this barn was salvaged to help build the farm shed.

In 2018 an original 1950s hay barn from the Town of Cary was donated to PAHS by Bob and Sharon Christensen. The barn was carefully dismantled and the salvaged lumber was used, along with lumber from other sources, to construct both the model dairy barn and the farm shed which stand today on the museum grounds as authentic model farm buildings of the era. The farm shed was built in the summer of 2020 and is used today to exhibit tools, equipment, and displays relating to various aspects of farm work and early- to mid-20th century farm technology and knowhow. Historically, farm sheds were used as a workshop to maintain and repair equipment, plus storage of tools, equipment and supplies. It was necessary that farmers be self-sufficient and resourceful – the farm shed was central to that.

Farm Shed Construction Begins
After the concrete floor and foundation are complete, construction of the farm shed begins.
Framing of the Walls & Roof
Workers inspect their work as framing of the walls & roof of the farm shed continues.
Installing the Metal Roof
Installing the metal roof.
Finishing the Siding and Eves
Finishing the siding and eves.
Farm Shed Construction Nearly Complete
Construction of the farm shed is nearly complete; installation of the exterior siding boards progresses.
Interior of the Farm Shed from the East Looking West
Interior view of the completed farm shed.
Farm Shed
The authentic model farm shed, fully completed!

See the exhibits on display inside the farm shed.